a prayer for my daughter

I pray that growing up will not smother the fire of her soul.

I pray that no one and nothing– whether church, school, or even parents– will be able to discipline away her spirit.

I pray that she never become submissive or docile.

I pray that she never look to anyone else for self-worth.

I pray that she know I love her, even though I have never understood her, her wild heart, her sass, her endless self-confidence, her willful need to break away from anything like unto obedience.

I pray that no matter how many times I tell her to, she will never blindly obey me. That she will never blindly obey anyone. That she will always think for herself.

I pray she will not change who she is to be “good.” I was a good girl once, and the price of goodness was loss of self.

I pray she not repeat the mistakes I’ve made.

I pray she never be tamed.